Life – Without the Consideration, Opportunity or the Possibility of Parole (27)

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My street life story.

So, I began as a petty thief: in and out of the County jail, bragging points, street credits, and starting to get a reputation.

“This feels good, my friend respects and look-up to me. But enough of this small time stuff, I need to graduate to something bigger & better, got to get out of this elementary stage. More money, more honey.”

I got a few major things I need to take care of to climb the street ladder: #1. I need money to keep my game tight. #2. low-rent thug need to be taught some manners-he dis me. #3. My boy wants to check this discount fool for talking to his girl.

Living the 80 – 20 rule. 80% of his life was dominated by his street mentality. While the 20% family life during the day light was creating a secret desire-he wanted to change his life style. Change takes work, many want the results without going through the process. It’s the journey that makes you strong. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

He loved the 20% and the weekly to do list. He was tired of his street life, and he had made-up his mind to be done with the streets.

“The first day of my new life”

Grilling Meat

Sunday dinner is always a big thing, not everyone comes at the same time but they know dad and mama cooked out, and we all show up. My Uncle asked me, “June-bug, you always say you’re so busy – what you be doing”? (I can’t tell him about my street life, so I tell him about the boring side of life)

I said unc, Monday I play ball for the church team. Tuesday I get groceries for mom, wash and wax her car. Then I got to take my girl to the movies. Wednesday I take my lil sis and brother to the library. Thursday, I get paid for this minimum wage day job. I’m a busy man unc. We laughed as we fell asleep, stuffed from the good food.

Sunday Dinner

Suddenly!!! There’s a loud bang at the door, then the Police kick the door in and they asked if I was June-bug. My mom began screaming. My Unc slumped in his chair, he has a bad heart. The kids began crying as they put me in handcuffs and said, “you have the right to remain silent”. I went completely limp as they threw me into the police car.

During that weekend in the County, my mind replayed the 20% of my life that I loved. The reality that: I would never again be with my girl or go to the movies, never again go to mom and dad’s bbq, never again play ball with my church boys or go to Bible study, never again play with my nieces and nephews, never again go to the bathroom in privacy, never again go to the fridge whenever I wanted to, never again drive my car, etcetera! Just the thought of what I would never do again, was driving me crazy.

Monday morning during the Preliminary Hearing the Judge read the Charges, “Mr. Bug, you are being charged with 2 counts of Premeditated Murder, Assault with intent to do great bodily harm, and armed robbery. How do you plead? My girlfriend yelled out, “he was with me Thursday night, my mom passed out.

Prison Cell

During sentencing the Prosecutor said, your Honor, Mr. Bug should not be given bond as he is not only a danger to society, he is also a danger to his family. One of the victims was his female cousin, as she stood on the corner of 69 st. with the other victim (the intended target).

The Prosecutor stated, Mr. Bug had a beef with the victim about a girl, and this is how he choose to resolved the problem, he killed the victim (the intended target) and the stray bullets killed his female cousin, plus an 11 year old child who was waiting on the bus. She was eating at a bbq dinner at the time she was killed.

The Prosecutor: “Mr. Bug showed no consideration for the human lives he took, he further stated the young people he killed will never enjoy life again, nor should Mr. Bug enjoy life. So I recommend that he be sentenced to Life without the Consideration, Opportunity, or the Possibility of Parole!” June-bug let out a scream, and he screamed, and he screamed, and he screamed—to the top of his lungs…

Shaking him vigorously, his mom said June June, wake up, you’re having a bad dream!

After that, June-bug never broke the law again, he doesn’t even go (one mph) over the speed limit.

Scared Straight – That was his Reality Check – don’t wake up in Prison.

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  • Shirley Tucker

    I was very relieved that this young man was having a bad dream. A nightmare that was going to last the rest of his life. As I was reading this story I found myself torn between mourning the lives lost, including the life of the killer and the feeling of he’s getting what he deserves. He’s reaping what he has sown. But as we all know it’s not that simple. There is so much more to his story than this terrible irreversible mistake he made in the heat of the moment. Clearly without considering the consequences. Thankfully God allowed him to see through his dream what could/would be his reality if he did not STOP and THINK!!! Very Powerful!!! Hoping and Praying many more of our children awaken to what is really important in life. Thank You for your service!!! Saving lives while offering an alternative fresh approach to what is way to common in this world today.

    • A

      Thank you so much Shirley Tucker. You summed this story up perfectly. We firmly believe that if our youths were to have more powerful messages that would tell the Unforeseen and the Unthought-of Consequences, then maybe, just maybe they would “Stop&Think” before they do something without giving it full-thought. We will make sure that they are fully informed of the many options, possibilities, opportunities, the results and the full devastation of the Consequences-then they can make an informed decision. Our Youths don’t lack intelligence, they lack Reasoning. We will provide the reasons to choose a better way of life.

      Thank you again Shirley Tucker for sharing and caring!

  • Cleveland

    This is one of the Greatest stories, with an impact to last for a lifetime!

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