About Our Inspirational Author: Elbert C. Ashley, Sr.

My name is Elbert C. Ashley, Sr., and I am an inspirational author born in Michigan City, Indiana, to Theodis G. and Mattie R. Ashley. I was the last of five surviving siblings. My father had to quit school while in the fourth grade to start working so he could help support his family. Even with a fourth-grade education, with the help of family and friends, my dad built the house that my siblings and I lived in until we left the nest. My father always told me, “You can do anything you set your mind to.”

My mom was the homemaker, ensuring we had a complete meal every day. She went to every school, sport, and afterschool activity and was always there to support us when we needed it the most. When we were older, she began working to help dad. The love and sacrifice she showed were from God. She had “unconditional love,” and we knew it.

A soft, unspoken fact in my family is that none of us honestly pursued a college education, as the financial hardship and burden our parents endured did not need to be prolonged any further. Instead, we were all raised with the richest moral values, character, honesty, and integrity. Then I turned eighteen and thought I was fully grown and knew everything. I got married and always kept a job, but I was “never” able to fully let go of the streets or the street mentality. This led me down a dark path of aiding and abetting, accomplice, and accessory before and after the fact. At best, I was a menace to society. While all smalltime, I did commit a misdemeanor which nearly turned into a felony. I was looking at life in prison.

During this time, my drug of choice was “agent alcohol,” which assisted me in everything I did. I was so fed up with myself, but that was nothing compared to how fed-up my wife was with me—which led to a divorce. With no wife, kids, and job, I left town and realized I had to turn my life around. I began seriously writing about motivation and the prevention of crime.

Certificates and Posters

  • 4 Chief Component Certificate
  • Adrenaline Certificate
  • Changed Mind Certificate
  • Courage Fear Certificate
  • Effective Persistence Certificate
  • Some Actions
  • Smilin is a Universal Certificate
  • I Believe in God Poster
  • Stop and Think Certificate
  • Online Motivational Poster
  • Ultimate Experience Poster
  • Young Restless Poster
  • Suspect Poster
  • Alcohol Certificate
  • Select & Control Certificate
  • Critical Stop & Think Poster
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Inspired by a Stranger

Walking downtown in Flint, Michigan, on my lunch break as a security supervisor, a young man began running towards me, calling my name. I did not recognize this man, but he knew my name. As he got closer, he said, “I still have those motivational frames on my wall, and I try to live by them.” I had no idea what he was talking about, and I had “NO” idea who he was. He saw my confusion and said, “My name is Andre; you dated my mom about 15 years ago,” The memories came flooding back. I gave them to him when he was about seven years old, and I haven’t seen him since.

What a reunion, it brought back memories—the most wonderful memories. However, I completely forgot, and so much time had gone by. Andre kept repeating, “I’ve had them on my wall all these years, and I try to live by them!” I was struggling to keep my composure. The magnitude of this event and the profound confession that he attests to have lived by my “motivational frames” hanging on his wall for 15 years, well, it elevated our emotions to the 10th power. I was on an emotional high all day. Just think, these motivational frames did as I designed them to do—to leave an impact and cause one to stop and think before they act.

Oh, I began to write like crazy after that day. As they say, that’s motivation!