Ultimate Motivation

The Ultimate Motivational Factors

Motivation + Self-Preservation = Crime Prevention

Full Knowledge of Consequences = Accountability

These two equations form the basis of our motivational program. They tell you just how important it is to stop and think and how critical it is to analyze your reasoning for doing whatever you intend to do and carefully examine the results—both the outcome and the consequences.

Life without parole is a condition of pardon for the death sentence. To receive said sentence, it has been determined that there is “no value of return” if released. But more on that later.

With hundreds of others, you have likely heard “the greatest motivational speech ever,” and you declared to live and change your life by the incontestable points that seemed to be just for you. This joyous event created a determination inside you like never before. So, after you got home and the following days, you tried putting together the scattered notes, but suddenly you notice it just didn’t have the same meaning or impact, and you could no longer capture the highlights of the speech. In actuality, all you really remember is that it was a great speech. There are some statistics behind this:

  • Ten Minutes After a Speech, Lecture, or Presentation, the Listener Only Remembers 50%
  • The Day After a Speech, the Listener Only Remembers 25%
  • A Week After a Speech, the Listener Only Remembers 10%
  • The Actual Amount of Motivation the Speech Could Leave You with Is Just 1%

The greatest motivational speech you have ever heard, and all you have retained was 10%! That is not enough motivation to help drive you to make the changes you need to improve your life!

As a young adult, I consistently utilized my God-given ability to communicate effectively and freely shared my self-preservation and motivational stories as a personal coach to strangers, friends, and family, who were all eager to listen. I was given nicknames like “English,” “Brain,” and “Mr. Know-It-All,” which implied a valued sense of appreciation and acknowledgment for the emotional uplifting they received from my speeches and stories. Even though my audience was not large, the impact and the message were passionate, significant, and rewarding.

Being known in such a positive light was inspiring, but my chief concern was how much they remembered. Constant motivation can be monumental for someone trying to stay on track or rebuild their life. Still, it takes a lot of effort on top of effort to climb a social or economic ladder because there are so many trials weighing you down. Even the self-motivated need help at times.

That is why our motto is that it’s not the message, but rather the method of delivery that determines the depth of reception and retention.

My Passion

The name of my inspirational journal is “After the Facts.” This title derives from a phrase commonly used as a criminal legal term—after the fact. This title/phrase establishes that an act has occurred, finished, or is final, too late, or it is done. The ultimate conclusion is that the act cannot be taken back. The supreme question is: what happens to me now?

“After the Facts” is an educational, informative, and inspirational journal in which I’ve consolidated some of the finest points from twelve of my most exceptional motivational coaching exchanges. It is designed to challenge you to stop and think before acting.

The journal consists of 12 pages—a series of motivational, inspirational, and crime-prevention resources that offer options, rewards, results, and consequences. Each page of this journal should remain on your wall for a 30-day calendar period. This allows you the time to examine, absorb, think, contemplate, and retain the material capable of having a significant impact on your life.

Motivation is stimulation, drive, enthusiasm, incentive, inducement, and provocation. It is the reason one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. A person has the ambition to try to achieve a difficult personal goal, one which may alter their entire way of life, but a constant drive may be required. It may take persistent motivation to be successful!

Life is a challenge, and we have more negative influences than positive ones in the world today. This journal, Website, and blog pages will serve as consistent and persistent motivators to help you continue down a positive path. Also, you can look up motivational speakers on YouTube and find people that both challenge the negative and provoke the positive.

I know they keep me pumped!

It Is Not Too Late to Change

If I knew back then what I know now—if only I would have listened. Finally, I’ve reached the legal age that makes me feel like an adult, act like an adult, vote, drink, make choices and be responsible for my decisions as an adult.

The motto of After the Facts is, “It is critical that you analyze your reasoning for doing whatever you intend to do before you do it and carefully examine the results or consequences.” But what does that truly mean? Let’s break it down:

To Analyze Is: If A, then B. Check out every option, possibility, outcome, effect, result, and/or consequence of your actions.

Critical Is: More than serious. It is when a situation or condition is maximized by its urgency and is bordered on life or death.

Change Is: To make it different than what it was, to switch from one thing to something else, or to alter from this into that.

Remember when we talked about life without parole earlier? Let’s say you tried to rob a man using a cell phone as a gun, but as the interaction started, the man turned to run away and fell—hitting his head on the sidewalk and dying. What you thought was a simple robbery has now turned into a first-degree murder during the commission of a felony. Now on the video shown during the trial, they say you had a gun in your hand and not a cell phone.

Murder is an irreversible act in which the words “I’m sorry” cannot change the results. And you will live behind those four cold concrete walls, two beds, and a cold steel toilet for the rest of your life, starting at the age of just 17!

Your dreams will seem so real, just as though they were really happening. They will have the sharpest pictures of your most wonderful memories and happiest times. Then you will wake up in a nightmare called reality. I repeat, your new, permanent home will be those four cold concrete walls, two beds, and a cold steel toilet.

This is torture, and it has only just begun. You will wake up, and you will realize the senselessness of it all. You will reach your mental age of maturity in prison. Once you go before the judge and as you get a little older, you may genuinely be sorry, and you may sincerely realize the wrong that you have done, but, if you would have thought first, then maybe, just maybe, you could have spared your life and saved someone else’s. Although your heart and mind have genuinely changed, your location will remain the same. And that is devastating.

Life without consideration, opportunity, or the possibility of parole. Now you want some consideration, well consider this, had you not robbed someone, they would still be alive today. The judge offers you another option; he states that the murderer can get out—when the victim gets up.

It is critical that you analyze your reason and carefully examine the results or consequences. Stop and think first! If A, then B = C—conclusion and consequence. Make a change now in your life before it is too late! If you know someone who may benefit from “After the Facts,” tell them to invest in our journal and follow us online. We will continuously provide motivation and inspiration that commands attention!

The Ultimate Motivation

Information and knowledge are the key to making better life decisions. “After the Facts” is a source of positive and creative intervention to ensure that you are fully informed of the many options, possibilities, effects, results, and/or consequences of your actions before you make a decision. Although we address many topics—education, personal awareness, self-reliance, critical thinking, and quality of life—we concentrate on crime and will motivate and facilitate its prevention.

We desire to restore hope in society and to assist in resisting the relentless violent propositions our loved ones are subjected to daily. Even though we cannot dictate nor censor the use of social media and its related platforms, we can utilize them in productive ways to exact a more balanced result.

We all were once teenagers, felt invincible, and weren’t afraid of much. This sense of total confidence caused us to do things without giving them a full thought. Truth be told, it is said that a young adult’s brain is not fully developed until about the age of 27 years old. So, their legal age is 18/21 years old, while their mental age of maturity still has at least another 6 to 8 more years to go.

“After the Facts” is designed to be a persistent force with a consistent message to stop and think first. It is critical that you analyze your reasoning for doing whatever you intend to do before you do it and carefully examine the result and/or consequences.

Our platform will reinforce, validate, and amplify the people’s voice concerning crime in our neighborhoods and communities. We are in absolute opposition to the unconstructiveness, violence, and criminality portrayed on television, movies, videos, social media, and music.

Don’t allow the undesirable options within a negative environment to dictate and/or supersede your real options. And don’t let unfavorable external conditions develop you into someone you don’t want to be. If you do give up, you will give in. This is when change becomes critical.

In the Bible story of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt, not because she physically turned around and looked back at the city, but rather because she looked back in her mind.

Commit to leaving. Make up your mind, and don’t look back.

Information & Knowledge Are Key to Making Better Decisions

Your comments are important to me, and I would like to establish a relationship with you. If you know anyone who will benefit from our encouraging words, then encourage them to follow us and invest in our inspirational journal. We are committed to continuously providing inspiration and motivation that commands attention!