The Dream That Never Ends & Time Doesn’t Matter Anymore – Guilt by Association (61)

Select your friends with Extreme Caution…it is Critical

Twenty-two years ago, two kids James and Leslie (both 15 years old) were bored and totally disobeyed their parents and decided to venture out and do something different. They didn’t really have any place special in mind, so they jumped on a slow-moving freight train to wherever. They jumped off the train in a wooded area of a small city where they encountered 5 kids who befriend them and asked if they wanted to party.

They all drank alcohol and smoked some weed, everyone seemed to be having a good time. Out of nowhere one of the 5 kids ask James and Leslie if they wanted to die, and everyone burst out laughing until he pulled out a gun and started hitting them and encouraging/forcing the others to help. Suddenly there were several gunshots. Everyone was frightened and no one knew if anyone was shot until James fell to the ground.


Everyone started to run, but the one with the gun pointed it and ordered everyone back, and said that he
would shoot the next one who tried to run. Leslie was begging for them to let her go, and she began to scream and screamed louder. One of the other kids told Leslie that they would let her go if she did what they asked. She was beaten badly and scared because her friend was dead. So she said she would do whatever they wanted.

One boy and the two 2 girls of the group watched as the two older boys raped and tortured Leslie and then shot her in the head. Leslie was already covered with blood from the beating, she fell to the ground with blood gushing from her head. The 2 girls started screaming, all of the group of 5 had looks of terror and horror on their faces-even the shooter.

Leaving James and Leslie dead on the ground covered with blood, their lifeless bodies looked like rag dolls, they took off running desperately away from the horrifying nightmare they had just created. The oldest of the bunch was 19 and 17 years old, the leaders who instigated the beating and shooting. They swore to kill the other 3 if they told about what had happened.

Girl in Desert

The next day approx. 2:45 p.m., the Police nearly tore down the door of Sara’s home-with guns drawn-–Sara was one of the 5. She began yelling and screaming, “I didn’t do it, he made me do it–I’m sooo sorry, I’m–so scared”. Sara’s mom and dad didn’t have a clue of what was going on, they were begging the police to explain. All the police said was, “Sara, you have the right to remain silent-anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of Law”, as they handcuffed her they continued, “you have the right to an attorney if you can’t afford one one will be appointed to you.”

Sara’s parents and her siblings were petrified, 7 police nearly broke their door down and 20 more surrounded their house “and” they took their 15-year-old daughter?? After the police got Sara in the
police car, they began to search the house. One officer explained to Sara’s parents who were sobbing with fear, he told them that he could not tell them anything but they could go to the Courthouse and talk with the Prosecuting Attorney. As they continued to tear the house apart Sara’s mom passed out, her father and her siblings were screaming and crying uncontrollably.


Sara’s parents were in total disbelief after they talked with the Prosecuting Attorney, they were in shock/numb. They didn’t believe their little girl did this or had a part in it, even with her admission. They read the police report and Sara’s confession, and they still didn’t believe it. Sara was a school cheer-leader and she had a GPA of 3.9, she was taking college prep courses and was going to be a Doctor.

As they learned the “Horrific” details of how those little children – (Leslie and James ) were beaten, tortured, raped, and killed, the brutality confirmed to them that their little girl could not have been part of this. When they had the little boy’s funeral and saw his parents on T.V., the look of heartbroken grief on their faces. We went back to the Prosecutor and told him again, there Must be a mistake–“our daughter did not–could not have any part in this.”

The first day of court the Judge did something unusual, he made the following statement:


He said: “none of you murderous children will ever breath air outside of prison walls: you will never celebrate another birthday party with your family, you will never go to the movies or a ball game or on a date, you will never choose what you want to eat, you will never choose who you want to sleep with, you will never open a refrigerator door again or use the bathroom in privacy, or go to a family BBQ, or to the County Fair, or to a sleep-over, or hang with your cousins, friends or love ones, sit on the porch laughing, or go to the beach, or drive a car.”

The Judge continued: “your nightmare will begin “every-time” you wake up and face the REALITY of what you will “Never again” experience. YOUR DREAMS will haunt you as you “rot” behind those concrete walls. And I don’t feel bad saying this–because you are old enough to know better and at least–you’re Alive.”

**You reap what you sow–YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW. Be careful of what you do to others, because the rate of return “Shall” be as great-if not greater.

This Law of Nature is Unavoidable, Inescapable, and Inevitable…

Prison Cell

“Now, How do you plead”…

**Sara received the least amount of time and she’s “still” in Prison.

**It is Critical that you Analyze your Reasoning for whatever you intend to do and Carefully Examine the outcome, results, and/or Consequences of your actions.

**Caution: watch who you hang with, it could make the difference in “Life and Death.”

You think you’re bored out here? — well — just wait until you get behind those Prison Walls. FOREVER and A DAY!

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