My Life is Far From Over – I own It & I Will Restore It

I Changed when I first understood the Power of the word “NO”…


Reality Check – I am responsible for the Choices I’ve made. The other options that I passed up some are still available to me. I have a second chance, it is once again up to me which I choose. And yes, most of my choices were peer pressure influenced. Nevertheless, it is my life, my decision, and my devastation, I own it, and I will repair it.

This is my Trick-bag, my catch-22. I saw the smoke-ran towards it,- found the fire and jumped in with both feet. There was no analytical or critical reasoning involved. I didn’t care about anything. I didn’t think about what happens after the fact, or – when the dust settles.

“The same thing that makes you laugh, will be the same thing that makes you cry”!

Your Choice

My thoughts: Who made you take that first drink? Who made you pick up that pipe? Who made you jack that car? Who made you lack compassion for that person you robbed and hurt? Who made you function without a conscience? Who made you laugh at the downfall of others? Who made you care very little for yourself and even less for family and friends?

After The Facts Business Card

**Even-tho I was more than a menace to society, I always hoped that I would wake-up and change my life. I did not want to go to Prison and I was afraid what change would be like. My parents, the very people who taught me everything I needed to know, character, integrity, honor & God – I rebelled. I fell into that 10-foot hole and found it to be all that my parents said that it would be – a disaster!

“There is nothing more powerful than a Changed Mind!”

The Knowledge, the good stuff I learned is still inside of me. I can reach back and grab that life support, life-sustaining, survival information that’s in my mental reserve, and get back on track. Now I can say “no” to my friends without being afraid of their reaction. I’ve finally accepted reality and responsibility that they didn’t make me do anything, they were just a bad influence that I said yes too. I must own it to move on.

I will not be a repeat offender of my own Senselessness…

From this point forward, I don’t want anything that will alter my state of mind. I will fight the urge until it disappears-for good! The Fact is, I wouldn’t have done 90% of what I did, unless I was high, or had some liquid courage. I drop on my knees before going to bed and as soon as I wake up. And I repeat these words everyday, “All things are Possible because I believe”. I was irresponsible when I was gettin’ high, now I’ll be responsible with my sobriety. Imma win this War!

There’s nothing more powerful than a Changed Mind!

I fully commit and dedicate myself to this Changed life. I will carry out, perform, execute, and I pledge to be the best person I can be.

I will apply effort on top of effort–to my recently new way of Living!

For the first time in a long time that I feel human. I love this positive experience-things smell and taste different. I am devoted to making this work.

I will raise the bar and increase my own self-expectation. I will seek a higher purpose. I love my friends, and I’ll pray for my friends but I can “know longer” associate with them. (old friends say-one beer won’t hurt) I will only affiliate with people with like minds, that have the same interest. I have lost sooo much, and for what–just to get high?

The new friends (unconditional friends) don’t want anything from me. My former world can’t compare to this new sober existence-just to think with a clear head. **I appreciate and value every breath I take.

**My quality of life has changed – I love myself and others.

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God Bless…



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