Hallmark Story: What He So Happy About, He Always Got a Smile on His Face

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I mean, every time I see him he’s smiling. I be wanting to say, “what in the hell is so funny.” I go to work at about the same time that he catches the bus in front of the building I live in. We run across one another’s path several times a week, and each time–he’s still smiling. (over time I’ve noticed-it’s a nice smile)

So I was having a super-bad day at work, my mood was so messed up and there was nothing funny. So guess who I saw getting off the bus, drenched with sweat, Smiley (I gave him a nickname). “I’m tired of him” I went to the bus stop and asked, “excuse me sir, are you OK, you are drenched with sweat”? He said, “I’m just fine – thanks for asking.” And he continued on his way. What I really wanted to ask is–WHY were you wearing that DAMN smile–all sweaty! But there was energy, a positive vibe-a strong vibe!

My day at work was horrible, the air conditioner wasn’t working, and my supervisor, well– I think someone gave her a wedgie. She apologized each time she snapped, and finally she went home. I guess it was one of those days for everybody. I went into the kitchen to heat up leftovers. I looked in the fridge, and it wasn’t there, I looked at the counter, I left it out this morning-the s__t spoiled. I was looking forward to that all day.


So I’m cleaning off the countertop saying a whole lot of choice words, still mad as hell! While running the water in the sink, I look out the window and guess who I see, yes, this smiling (blank blank). I ain’t got time for this, ain’t s__t funny, not now… What is he doing, and why is he smiling, he’s still sweating??? I’m pissed, I couldn’t take it-I stormed out the door, “Imma see what’s so damn funny.”

I ran across the street to the bus stop and asked this stranger, “sir excuse me, but what is so funny, every day I see you smiling, ain’t nothin’ that damn funny to be smiling every day all day.” He dropped his smile and said, “I’m sorry if I offended you. I noticed that you live across the street and every time I see you my world seemed to be perfect, and I imagine the day that you and I would be married, and it makes me smile.”


I didn’t know what to say, I was stunned, shocked, embarrassed, and out of breath, I just started running back across the street to my building. I just burst out crying, releasing the tension from my horrendous day, I cried myself to sleep. When I woke up I went to the kitchen to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Looking out the window, I began trying to process what had happened with this stranger.

This man was fine as hell, I never noticed before because I was too busy wondering why he was always smiling. But when I confronted him and asked why he was always smiling, I wasn’t ready nor prepared for the most wonderful and unexpected eccentric answer. It’s really blowing my mind, I can’t think right, how do I respond to such an unpredictable flattering answer.


All the rest of the evening and the next day at work, I could think of nothing else. So I just had to ask this man, “who are you.” So the next day, I waited for the bus to come, I was going to ask him to explain what he meant by such an answer. I’m so excited, I have never been approached in such a fashion. Taken by surprise and caught totally off guard. I’m still in shock, and my heart doesn’t know what to think. Here comes the bus, and Smiley gets off, he looks at me and drops his smile. He says, “may I help you” I just stood there, then I said, “who are you, and why are you messing with my life.”

He smiles and asks, “can we have dinner and talk about it.” I was in a daze-mesmerized, I said yes, come by tonight about 7:30 pm. He asked where I should park, I asked, “you have a car, you’re always catching the bus.” He said, I only catch the bus so I can see you-he turned and said I’ll figure it out, see you at 7:30 sharp.


I was melting right where I stood, everything he said sounded so genuine. I felt a spirit about him like I had never felt before. I began to pray, “God, give me the strength to move”. I didn’t get his name he didn’t get mine, but the chemistry was undeniable, I fell in love with this man right then and there. I have never felt or experienced anything like this before.

While fumbling around in the kitchen, not knowing what to prepare for a man whose name I don’t even know. My mind was replaying this entire event over and over. I was trying to process what had unexpectedly happened. This man sent my heart to a unique level, a place it’s never been before.

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It was 7:00 pm., there was a knock at the door, and…

Sorry guys, this is Quoya the writer, they saying my story is too long and my time is up. I’ve gone over my limit. Sorry, …but they say I can do a part-2 and finish this amazing Love story. There has never been a part 2, we’re going to make history with a Love story. But they reminded me that–“this ain’t Hallmark or Harlequin.” Bye…

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