Family is a Terrible Thing to Waste – So, Enjoy It


Hello, this is Quoya again/the writer, well, I haven’t talked to you guys in a while. I think they trying to block me, just kidding. And Imma try not to talk too long, you know they always stop me when I get going. I can’t help it I get excited. We are putting out some good stuff, so when I get my turn, yes I go crazy! lol:) I just
like to have fun.

They say we’re supposed to tell jokes to change the pace. I don’t tell jokes, but my granddad told this one joke that made to laugh. Granddad: “Have you seen this movie about Constipation – Me: no –
Granddad: of course not-it hasn’t come out yet.” I laughed my _off…🤣🤣🤣🤣

My family always gets together, we don’t need a reason, we just love our unity. From Flint, Minnesota, LA, Pittsburgh, Hammond-we just love family!

Family Photo on Christmas Day

Granddad and two more car loads of relatives drove 8 hours to Pittsburgh (to visit his Sons and grand-kids). They played 2 games of scrabble, laughed, talked, and ate good food, bbq, shrimp-kebabs, pies, cakes-they had High-Quality Family time all in 5 hours. Five of the best hours of their life. Then they drove back, it took 12 hours (the blizzard came).

(how it got started) In 48 hours, Auntie Barb came up with this idea -planned this trip and they were on the road. The Blizzard was predicted but Auntie Barb said, “God said Go.” The blizzard held off until the last 2 hours on the way back.

A lot of people said, that was stupid, dumb, a waste, ignorant-we say that is LOVE, Quality Time. And so was the Journey, WOW, the fun at the rest stops (and there were many/my great-grandmother). LOVE is an action word. Oh, you just can’t say you love someone and leave it at that, you got to show it. I be like, “what have you done for me lately”?? lol

I didn’t get to make that trip. I am my grandfather’s first grandchild, and I had his first great-grandchild. I was living in Minnesota, and times were very hard, then I had a kid which didn’t make things any easier. But I wanted my Grandfather to see his first great-grandson.

So I got on the Mega bus (cheap) with my 3-month-old and a car seat and road 16 hours to Flint, MI. And that’s not the funny part, the funny part is that I did it again a few months later. OH, OH, the Struggle was Real…but that’s LOVE–that’s Family.


There is nothing more important than Family, your partner, children, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins,
and grandparents. Family is a group of people who share a blood bond and a legal bond: they are bound legally through marriage, adoption, guardianship–with the rights, duties, or obligations of these legal contracts.

Families have a lasting association, although members may or may not be biologically related. Family functions as a unit, they share resources, provide emotional support and create and pass on a framework for traditional values.

Picnic Date

Family depends on one another for guidance and support, love, and common interest that keeps them bound to one another. They teach, serve, and share life’s joys and sorrows. Family provides a setting for personal growth.

Family is the single most important influence in a child’s life. They feel confident when then the structure of the family is strong. They feel emotionally safe. A strong family builds character as they emulate the sound ethics displayed in their environment.

Families that pray together, stay together, play together, eat together, and show love and patience. They are gentle, kind, affectionate, honest, trustful, appreciative, respectful, and have a good sense of spiritual well-being.

Kid in White and Blue Jacket

Family is your strength when things go wrong. They are an ear when you just need someone to talk to or just listen. Family will fill the void when life feels empty. When you are sad or just having a bad day, call that loved one that always makes you smile.

The closeness when the family gets together brings a smile that stays until the reunion has come to a conclusion. Then we cry tears of joy. Such a sweet departure with anticipation of the next time. Actually, we planned the (next time) during the last get-together.

Our future is determined by our acts of the moment. For every act, there is an Outcome. Everything that you do, there will be a result and or a consequence. Some Actions are Irreversible, and Some Consequences are Permanent.

Family Having Lunch

Never means: (the end-period-dot) at “no” time in the future, it will not happen again. Never Again means:
you enjoyed this before, but you will never enjoy it again. Ever expresses a physical period of time which indicates with the highest degree of certainty.

Life in Prison w/o the Consideration, Opportunity, or Possibility of Parole.

As grandfather would say it “Imma break it down to the simplest form of simplicity”:

Prison Cell

You will– NEVER AGAIN enjoy, experience, or engage with Family — EVER AGAIN in your natural Life. It is Critical that you seriously Consider what you’re about to do — And Carefully — examine the Outcome, Results, or Consequences.

And keep it real, where would you rather spend the rest of your life, with Family or in Prison. “Stop & Think” first. Make no mistake about it, You Will-wake up-You Will Realize the Senselessness. Don’t wake-up or come to your senses in Prison.

After the Facts

A good Family is a Terrible thing to waste & remember, do unto others as you would have them to unto you. Love one-another…

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