Attitude XVII

Attitude is your posture and your mental position.

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Hi, I’m Quoya-the writer, the one who loves fun, and we will have fun with this topic! Well, first of all I want to make it clear that- “I”-don’t have an Attitude. He’s the one trippin’. Now that I’ve settled that, we can proceed.

Attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something–a visual display of your feelings or thinking. It is a physical expression/position that you take which shows how you feel. This facial/body position can be very slight, or it can be as obvious as it can be.

Females are commonly accused of having an Attitude. I remember as a kid I was told that I had an attitude – a bad one. I was told that I talked too much at the wrong times. When the teacher told me to do something that I didn’t like, I turned toward her and looked at her–she sent me to the office. I didn’t say a Word!!!

The unmistakable posture and mental position shows exactly what that person is thinking.

Attitudes are not always bad, although that’s the word commonly used when a person’s actions are viewed in a negative or unwanted stance. But when a person shows a very positive outlook/gesture–then she/he is considered to have a nice Personality.

It’s different than the–“talk to the hand” gesture, but it’s a look/action that says the same thing. The Look that says-“you bet-not say s___ to me,” oh-trust me, the receiver of this look understood, Verbatim, what was said.


This is just the beginning of what’s finna happen! It’s like a silent movie: from a distance, you see 2 women mean-muggin’, mouths begin moving fast, they takin off their shoes, their ear-rings, their wigs, hands-on-hips, their shirt sleeves rolled up–their facial and body posture indicates–that they’re bout to BEAT-the-Brakes off each other!

So, just out of interest I googled Attitude, and I found more answers than I expected. It cleared up some things that I had questions about and didn’t really understand the differences or similarities. But I knew they were tied together. What is: Character, Disposition, and Personality:

Character: a distinctive trait or quality or attribute/characteristic. Character is a pattern of behavior or personality found in an individual; the moral constitution is a statement of behavior or quality of a person: status/Position.

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*Character is applied to the sum of one’s moral qualities associated with a distinctive individual, weak character or self-disciplined, etc.

Disposition: One’s customary frame of mind. One’s nature or temperament is the normal or prevailing aspect of one’s nature. Traits manifested in one’s behavior or thinking (quick to anger-hot tempered or even-tempered).

Personality: The quality or fact of being a particular person; personal identity, individuality. Habitual pattern or quality of an individual as expressed by mental and physical activities and attitudes; distinctive individual qualities; the sum of such qualities capable or more than likely to make a favorable impression; personal attractiveness.

*Personality is the applied sum of physical, mental, and emotional qualities that distinguish one as a person. (Negative or attractive personality).

“Level of Distinction”


In short, if you’re known as a “butt-hole,” – then it is reasonable to assume that you are not a very desirable person and the only people that may want to spend time with you are those with similar behavior, who share your negativity and the need to provoke misery.

The graduate word “asshole” is a slang term for the anus (the worst part of a person’s body) and is used to describe a person who is: mean, horrible, a prick, extremely distasteful behavior, and despicable.

So, the moral of this story is: if you seriously have a bad Attitude, if not corrected, it will only get worse. If you continue on this downward spiral, if you insist and persist on this course without interference or change–then you could possibly be on the road to becoming an official “Asshole.” Lol 😊

This is Quoya, they‘re stopping me again, every time I get my engine running, well, they say time up. This was so much fun — I think it’s deserving of PART 2. You know, like the Rocky movies! Yes, yes!!!!!!!!!!

Well, until next time, I thank you all for lettin me entertain you. And if you know of anyone who may benefit from our message, Please, tell them to follow us, also.

We will always provide Motivation and Inspiration that “Commands Attention!”

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