Critical Decisions! You Must React Firmly & Expeditiously! Are Your Relatives & Associates Family Friendly? (84)

When you and your family became Targets?

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Most criminals: drug dealers, illegal users, robbers, murderers, thieves (etcetera), and people dedicated to street life are selfish–Chiefly concerned with their “Own” interests. Even though they may love you, their thoughts and choices are as reckless as their chosen way of life.

Selfishness is lacking consideration for others and being concerned with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. Devoted to caring only for oneself and concerned primarily with one’s own benefits and welfare. Regardless of others.

**Being selfishly motivated means they will withhold important (life or death) information, and they do not have respect for other people’s time. They are irresponsible and excessively concerned with their own needs, ignoring others’ needs and doing only what’s best for them.

It would behoove you to consider this family member an imminent threat to you, your wife-life, and your children. The actions of a drug-induced mentality can go from recklessness to senselessness with only one objective in mind, drugs. Many retaliate not necessarily for repayment but rather to teach lessons.


Your life, family, and your livelihood depend on how you “manage your relationship” with the suspect/criminal in your family or in your life.

A Criminal: is anyone who breaks the law, operates outside of the law, and does not obey the law. The streets do not have laws, anything goes. When you cross the line or offend someone, your punishment may come in various ways-even through a loved one. The streets have no justice–just more inconceivable crime.

Payback is heartless retribution that has no boundaries, there is nothing or anyone that is exempt or off limits, and there are no rules.

Association: the state of being associated, a close relationship, persons having a common interest and
common purpose. To associate is: when you think of milk-you think of cookies (ex.) If you see a knife and fork together, they are linked, associates. This is how your (suspect/family) enemies will see you. Now you and your household have become fair game-Targets! It’s called

Guilt by Association!


As you are connected to the person of interest, you may also be deemed responsible for their actions and held liable to receive their consequences. Your association establishes that you share interests and beliefs, as well-you condone and support their actions. (as thick as thieves)

You said I was just giving him a ride. The Police said you were driving the car that had drugs inside. After 6 months, you beat the charge, but you lost your job, car, and house, and your wife is ready to leave cause she warned you. Now you have to answer the question on the job application, “have you been arrested in the last 3 years, if yes, what for?”

STOP any & all contact means: when you disconnects from someone and/or their environment. You Separate, detach, cut off, and discontinue any and all association, contact, involvement, or interaction. You Terminate, cease, desist, quit doing or providing, to stop, end, put an end to, put a stop to, finish, or break from what used to be.

Think it’s a Joke? No, It is Critical – Critical is more than serious, it’s when a situation is Maximized by its Urgency and is bordered on Life or Death.

Gun Shot

So it doesn’t matter if it’s your: mother, father, sister or brother, Aunt/Uncle, son, cousin, grandparent, ride & die, daughter, or your best friend.

It doesn’t make a difference if you innocently drop them off at the store, or the pawn shop, or to a friend’s house, or take them to the bus stop–you don’t know who has a beef with them or who/what they owe. Now, you’re a Target, and you don’t even know it, ever worse, you don’t know who the hunter is.

Some lessons are not to be learned, they are to be avoided as the Consequences can be Permanent!

True story: I know he did it, but I don’t know where he lives, and he hasn’t been hanging out. It’s been months, he’s on the run and we’re not going to find him, but it’s time for him to pay! I know where his fam stays, they be hangin with him – let’s go, it’s time to get paid! As they approached their target, the family was just about to get into their car.


They blast the car, house, and the entire family. As his wife fell on the sidewalk, their infant child fell out of her arms, and his head cracked open. His 3-year-old daughter had two quarter-size bullet holes in her chest. As he lay on the ground, unable to move, looking at the bloody bodies of his wife and children, he said, “I’m soooo sorry-I should’ve-left-him–alone!”

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