A Mother’s Story: Ms. Alma & Our Sons

Dennis – the menace to Society

Yes, my name is Dennis and I was a menace to society, and because I’m a teenager, mom and dad came to my rescue. But mom always said you will grow into that behavior. My parents always told me about the mental age of maturity, they said, “when it hits you, you will see and look at everything differently. It’s like a lightbulb being switched from off to on.

Blue Bulb

Mom said, if you go to Prison, sure I’ll come to visit you as often as I can, but it might kill me to see you locked-up. So, she told me this story she read about a mother who died one year after her son was sentenced to life in Prison.

The Story of Ms. Alma & her son Dennis.

Ms. Alma begged him-she prayed for him-she warned him to change or he will for sure go to Prison. She asked her son, “What would your quality of life be like in Prison”? Nothing can take away the pain you will experience–the things you’ll miss and desire will torment and haunt you daily: intimate closeness, touching, the longing for family BBQs, family fun, boys sports, home cooked meals, the girls, friends, and Home. She said you will “Never” experience these things again.


** within 3 months he was locked up.

Ms. Alma wrote: in Prison my son hated to go to sleep because his dreams seemed so real, he’d smile and his heart was warmed until he was awakened to a nightmare called Reality, those 4 cold concrete walls,- 2 beds, and that cold steel toilet.

Things Ms. Alma told him while he was growing up.

How stupid you will feel when you look back at when you were younger–the senselessness of your thinking, at the outrageous choices you made. Son, wise decisions come with learning experiences-but, you must Survive the process. Don’t make mistakes you can’t take back. (some actions are irreversible & some consequences are Permanent)


She told her growing son: “Stop & Think” before you do anything. When you get a little older and reach the mental age of maturity– you will realize that the things you were stealing, you could’ve got a job and bought them. The people you hurt-remember-you will reap what you sow!

Ms. Alma story of her Prison sentence:

the family that her son ill-effected, put a hit (contract of retaliation) on him in Prison. The hit was scheduled for “Wednesday at 11:00 am”. The first Wednesday Dennis was petrified, waiting- nothing happened. The next 4 Wednesdays a different inmate approached him, and each one said “Wednesday”, with a stare of death. For the next few months, other inmates shook his hand and smiled – every Wednesday @ 11 am.


One day he went into the yard, there were no guards, no other inmates, and someone grabbed him and put duct tape over his mouth and eyes, they asked, what day-what time is it? (it was Wednesday 11 am) They cut his fingernails to the quick, all of his fingers were bleeding, and they stuffed small rocks and sand in his mouth. Then there was silence!! Dennis ran inside the Prison, the Correctional officers asked–what did u do to yourself?

Dennis couldn’t tell who did it. They sent him to the Solitary Confinement for 2 weeks. When he got out of the hole he
discovered the inmates stole everything of his: all of his family pictures, books, clothes-everything important to him. His new cell-mate wrote on the wall–Wednesday. For months they tormented him. Although nothing happen every Wednesday- but he was in terror “every” Tuesday night. (the unknown with nothing to look forward too-but time)

Gold Watch

(odd, but my name is Dennis also, the same as Ms. Alma’s son)

As my mother finished Ms. Alma’s story, she said Dennis’s shared his dreadful existence with his mom. Every time she visited him: the scars, the black eyes, the painful devastation of fear on his face–his terror became his mother’s horror. She sustained physiological damage, and the constant increase in her heart rate caused cardiovascular difficulties, breathing problems, and high blood pressure.

Ms. Alma died on a Wednesday – from stress.

After mom was done telling Ms. Alma’s story, she said, today on the news a 25 year old man turned himself into police. Three weeks ago he was shooting at someone else but killed a one-year-old child”. I suppose (nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, nowhere to run) family/friends, no one would hide him and he’s too hot for his boyz to be seen with. What could have been going through his mind for him to turn himself in?


Dennis’s mom dropped to her knees saying, “Dear God bless that child and his family and have mercy on the man that killed the child-forgive Lord. Because his judgment on earth will be severe.”

Mom’s prayer: And dear heavenly father, bless my son to see the light before it’s too late. God I pray for my son to see the error of his ways. Please forgive him for his sins. Lord-please deliver him from drugs and alcohol. Please put him on a good life path so he can serve and honor you.

Dennis’s mom fell asleep while praying. He laid her on the couch and covered her up. When she woke up the next morning, she went to wake Dennis but his bed hadn’t been slept in. There was a letter on his bed.

Male Model

Letter: Dear Mom, by the time you get this letter I’ll be in the little town with Aunt Samika. You always said I need to go live with her to get away from everything bad (that I’ve created) and start off new. I always said I’d never go there, in that one-horse town with a population of 3 people- lol.

But here I am. I love you MOM. And I promise that from this day forwards – I will Never cause you to worry, ever again!



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